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Free Divi Layout #2: Shutterbug

In this layout, I went with a photography / event based theme, specifically for those who are in this field and industry. Of course, this layout is not meant to be used only for this, as it can be fully modified to suit your own requirements.

Infographic: How Centered Logos Reduce Your Site’s Usability Level

Site’s usability level has always been closely associated with most common used and implemented design methods. Once users are well accustomed to a certain specific standard, changing it simply means creating confusion and goes against a set of common user expectations, hence reduces how “friendly” a site would be.

Free Divi Layout #1: Positions

This will be the very first freebie among a long series of free Divi Layouts and designs. With Divi’s useful portability feature, both web owners and designers can reuse “templates” to speed up redundant work processes and increase productivity levels.

Ebook: 44 Web Design Tips & Tricks

A graphical page by page on how you can design better and more effectively. This ebook adopts a minimalistic approach in presenting its content, so no long paragraphs and huge block of texts in this one. Just icons, short descriptions and links.

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